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all I heard was the faint sound of her screaming

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Annabelle Morte

Belle Morte

Twilight circles 'round me, and Forever walks away,
Fictitious songs still my heart, and pirouette away.

And if you were to bookmark, this page of weathered rhymes,
At last perhaps you'd find me, amidst the olden times.

I'll turn the sequined dawn, still crimson with my death,
To memories of love's affairs, to the silence I have left.

And Hades and Persephone, won't clip our feathered wings,
My heart is a story book's atlas, but can't forever sing.

Thus for you I leave a lantern, and a key to curtains part,
To climb the high walled rose garden, of my fairytale heart.

Remember me in twilight, cry with cerulean eyes,
And chart my lone demise, in the nautical skies.

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